Extra Hemp Skin Lotion with Lavender - 100 ml

$ 24.00 $ 30.00

A blend of organic oils infused with a full spectrum hemp extract and lavender

Rejuvenate, restore, relish, and give your skin some plant-based TLC!

Trompetol Extra hemp skin lotion with lavender is that ideal herbal skin care product you’ve been looking for with a pleasant, almost serene aroma. Lavender and peppermint, olive oil and lemon, this hemp skin lotion from Trompetol is going to become your go-to source from now on.

  • Hemp organically and sustainably grown in the Czech Republic under strict E.U. standards
  • No animal testing or animal-based ingredients whatsoever
  • Completely free of icky artificial dyes, annoying perfumes and other peg-chemicals
  • 100 ml

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