Hemp Yoga Mat Sling

$ 12.00

Fantastic Alternative to Mat Bag

A distinctive, less bulky alternative to a mat bag, Gaiam's Hemp Yoga Mat Sling integrates natural materials with a unique design for durability and comfort. Fastens effortlessly around your mat and lets it breathe while keeping it securely rolled to and from your workout. Fits most fitness mats. Hand Wash. Dry Flat. 1 1/2 W x 6 L.

100% Sustainable

A streamlined fast-access alternative to a mat bag, the 100% sustainable Hemp Yoga Mat Sling is lightweight and durable. It lets your mat breathe while keeping it securely rolled. Great for hanging and storage as well.

Added Benefits

Sling is constructed of all-natural materials and less bulky than traditional yoga totes. The unique strap design is made for both durability and comfort as it fits snugly around your mat and keeps it securely rolled for a worry-free commute to/from your practice.

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